’80s Night

Thursday, September 14
6 PM

Featuring Wildlife in the Working Class

Get ready to groove with Huntsville’s own Wildlife in the Working Class,
known for 80s pop, rock, new wave, post-punk, and Synth Pop covers

The Pollies

Friday, September 15
6 PM

Get ready to rock out!
The Pollies are known for their unique blend and arrangement of the root elements of rock and roll.


Friday, September 15
8:30 PM

Quantaphonics is a progressive soul & funk band right out of Huntsville, AL.
You’re going to get the ultimate experience with this band!


Saturday, September 16
4 PM & 6 PM

Get ready for one of Alabama’s own, Groove, to bring you some Funk, R&B, Soul, Pop, and Dance Party Music.

Ping Rose

Saturday, September 16
8:30 PM

Ping Rose is an artist and musician from Memphis, TN.
Though usually seen on guitar, he’s a multi-instrumentalist who’s played
for Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, The Drifters, and blues sensation Crystal Shawanda, among others.
As an artist, he’s active in the blues scene.
Blending blues, soul, rock, and jazz, Ping always puts on a show that’s familiar enough to please audiences, but foreign enough to surprise them.
Blending the bare bones of blues, jazz, and roots music with the atmosphere of alternative rock and funk, he makes guitar-heavy and atmospheric
groove music that’s been described by producer and artist Ryan Peel as “shred-soul.


Sunday, September 17
4 PM

Born in Lima Peru, raised in Miami, FL, Gorrio brings passion, energy, and love!
A pop genre with Latino flavor. Driven with a classical guitar sound,
hip-hop beats, and romantic lyrics, Gorrio’s music is sure to get you dancing!

Them Damn Dogs

Sunday, September 17
6 PM

Them Damn Dogs, Jerome Villarreal Jr, Brandon Holmes, Chris Salib, and Russ Savage, are the representation of community,
upbeat rock, and passion for the awkward moment.
Get ready for some fun and catchy Rock n Roll from North Alabama!

Caleb Caudle

Sunday, September 17
8:30 PM

We’re bringing Nashville to Huntsville with Caleb Caudle.
Caleb blends the sounds of traditional Appalachian Folk with other music influences.

Taylor Swift Silent Disco

Monday, September 18
6 PM

Calling all Swifties!

Experience an unforgettable headphone disco experience –
sing like nobody is listening, shake it off on the dance floor, and feel like you’re 22!

Lana White and The Car Notes

Wednesday, September 20
6 PM

Lana White is an American Singer-Songwriter making a unique impact with her soulful, Indie soft-rock sound.
Fans describe her harmonies akin to the likes of The Eagles, and her soulful, charismatic voice
resonant of artists such as Colbie Caillat, Sarah Mclachlan, and Sheryl Crow.
Originally from the heart of Dixie Land, Alabama,
her songs form a vision of heartfelt drama and tug on the emotions of her listeners.

The Dawn Osborne Band

Wednesday, September 20
8 PM

The Dawn Osborne Band is rooted in Jazz, Soul, Folk, and Funk mixed skillfully into what can only be described as true Americana.
In addition to the varied feel of their original music,
The Dawn Osborne Band also takes beloved classics and gives them a whole new flavor, uniquely their own.

Cheyloe and Her Sleepless Knights

Thursday, September 21
6 PM

Cheyloe and Her Sleepless Knights are a band from Birmingham, AL.
While this outfit mostly falls under the umbrellas of alternative country and gritty folk rock,
they sometimes land at the intersection of several genres and travel whichever way they please.
Cheyloe crafts a vast world of stories about wanting to get lost, longing to be found, haunting memories, and…haunted houses.
When joined by the talented musicians she calls her Sleepless Knights, that world is rendered even bigger, more colorful, and vibrant by their masterful input.

Leon Timbo

Thursday, September 21
8 PM

For country-soul singer-songwriter Leon Timbo, music is used as a form of growth and healing.
At sixteen, Timbo began singing and by age twenty, he began playing the guitar and performing in a serious way, inspired by artists
Bill Withers, James Taylor and Tim Miner. Timbo’s country sound incorporates equal measures of vintage soul, gospel, folk, R&B
and even modern blues making for a unique experience that some have described as “transparent soul.”

Boot Scootin’ Boogie Nights

Friday, September 22
6:30 PM
Saturday, September 23
4 PM

Get ready to get down, turn around, and do-si-do with Neon Rainbow’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie Nights, a Tribute to 90s Country!

Thomas Cassell

Saturday, September 23
6 PM

Originally from the sacred bluegrass mountains of southwestern Virginia, Thomas Cassell is among the highest rank of modern bluegrass musicians.
Cassell is a founding member of respected progressive group Circus No. 9, and has performed as a sideman with Billy Strings, the Bryan Sutton Band, Jim Lauderdale,
Missy Raines, Becky Buller, and countless others. Now a resident of Nashville, TN, he is cultivating new and original music – not ignorant of the great traditions that preceded him.


Saturday, September 23
8:30 PM

Banditos — Mary Beth Richardson (vocals), Corey Parsons (vocals, guitar), Randy Wade (drums), Jeffery Salter (guitar) and Stephen Pierce (vocals, banjo, bass) —
are a Nashville-based, Birmingham, AL-born quintet, who first burst on the scene with their acclaimed self-titled Bloodshot Records debut in 2015.